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Wheelchair Lifts And Stair Chair Lift - What Are The Differences?

When trying to look through information on the different types of stair lifts, it can get somewhat confusing at times. In this article we will take a look at the differences between wheelchair lifts and a stair chair lift.

Facing a situation where you can't adequately move around in your own home is one of the worst things a person goes through. You feel trapped and depressed. Fortunately, stairway lifts are available to help you with mobility issues and to get you back on track. Deciding on the best option in a lift is just a matter of better understanding your needs.

Wheelchair Lifts

This type of lift is the right choice for anyone using a wheelchair and needs access to the upstairs in the home. These lifts are somewhat similar to the standard chair lift, although they give you the ability to roll the chair onto the lift platform and raise or lower it up the stairs. There is no having to try and stand or get out of the chair.

You are beginning to find this type of lift not just in homes, but also in office buildings and other businesses. It makes things so convenient for everyone. The thing to look for in wheelchair stair lifts is the load capacity. Be sure you select a lift that is made for your particular needs.

Stair Chair Lifts

This type of lift can either be a lift chair or it could be a standing chair lift in which you are able to walk without assistance, but climbing stairs is difficult. A chair lift allows you to easily sit down and be transported up or down the stairs without issues. They have seat belts for added safety as well as battery backups in case of a power failure. Again, load capacities will vary between manufacturers and models, so be sure to look for one that will meet your requirements.

Both of these styles of lifts are mounted to either your staircase walls or the actual steps themselves. For strength, mounting them to the stairs is the preferred method. Whichever style you choose will depend on your home and your own preference as well. Regardless of model, stair chair lifts provide the freedom and independence to move around your home and have the lifestyle you want.

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