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Stairway Chair Lifts - What To Look For

For anyone in your home who is faced with mobility issues, stairway chair lifts are essential to have. This allows those who are physically handicapped to greatly improve their quality of life and gives them much more freedom to move about. That said, here are some things to look for with any lift chairs for stairways.

Before you buy any chair lift you really want to sit down and take a look at all of your options. The more time and effort you put into the research the better chance you'll have of finding a chairlift which is not only perfect for your requirements, but also great value for money.

To begin with you should think about how easy it would be for an individual to use the design of lift that you are checking out. What I mean here is that not everyone will be able to maneuver themselves on to the platform unassisted. This means that you need to opt for a design which has a wide opening and handles and railings to which the wheel chair can be easily attached.

The actual weight that a stairway chair lift can carry needs also to be thought about. Never underestimate the body weight plus the weight of the wheel chair. If you always push the capacity to maximum then there would be a greater wear and tear on the component parts.

Where is the nearest electrical socket to the stairs where the lift is going to be placed? There is the option of choosing a chair lift that has a rechargeable battery pack, though these are best suited to smaller properties where there would be less usage of the device. Think about whether there is any power outages that may result in problems with the stair lift, you would not want it to get stuck halfway up the stairs. It can also be useful if the lift has an emergency stop button in case a problem arises.

Would you want the controls to be operated by the person using the lift or by an attendee? There are now options of stairway lifts that feature remote controls. These are very useful if you have elderly relatives that have problems operating the equipment. For visually challenged individuals you will need to find a chair lift which has audio instructions.

Costs for stairway chair lifts can run from a few thousand dollars and up, making it imperitive to do your research so that you can make your best decision possible.

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