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Stair Lifts For The Elderly - Regain Your Freedom

As we grow in age, the probability that we will begin to experience mobility issues increases significantly. This is the reason that stair lifts for the elderly are becoming increasingly available all over the country. Not only can they help you move around your house freely, but they will also help you gain independence from others.

When mobility problems start to creep in, it is difficult not to rely on the help of other people. However, with the help of a stair lift, you will no longer be a burden to the other people in your home.

A stair lift is a complex machine with a simple design. It is a long and narrow track that lays on top of a flight of stairs. At the bottom of the track is a seat. The user positions themself comfortably in the seat and uses a remote or a button to move the seat slowly and smoothly up the track. When the chair reaches the top of the stairs, the user will find it easy to step out of the seat after it swivels to a safe position.

But, it is important to remember that stair lifts are not only for indoor use. There are several manufacturers that produce outdoor models that can be used to help the elderly reach a garden or a backyard easily. Some have even found them useful in helping to reach their front door.

If you have a long staircase leading to a porch, an outdoor stair lift might be a good option. They are built with tougher materials that can withstand the elements and all electrical components are sufficiently covered so they do not get wet from rain or snow.

It does not matter what kind of staircase you have in your home, a stair lift for the elderly can be professionally installed in almost any situation. Narrow staircases can be fit with lifts that are specially designed, very steep staircases can also be fit with a specially designed lift. Plus, new advances in lift and track technology have made easier and less expensive to fit a lift onto a curved staircase.

There are several manufacturers of these machines across the country. Each one varies in price range because they produce machines of different qualities. Ameriglide is a mid-priced option. Overall, you could expect to purchase a stair lift and have it professionally installed for a total cost of about $2000 to $4000.

There are a number of variables that will affect this cost. For instance, the length of your staircase will change the cost because a longer staircase will require more building materials. You may also choose to add additional features like fold-out armrests or a remote control to make operating your lift even easier.

Another factor that dramatically affects the cost of your lift is installation. Many manufacturers require that your lift is professionally installed by factory trained personnel. They will need to visit your house at least twice during the installation process. The first time, they will take intricate measurements of your staircase since each lift is custom built to fit your needs. During the second visit they will perform the installation.

If you have found it difficult to move up and down the stairs in your home, you should consider investing in one of many models of stair lifts. For the elderly, they can be an absolute lifesaver - helping you regain freedom, independence and dignity.

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