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Why Stair Lifts Can Make Life Easier

Do you have a family member that has difficulty walking up and down the stairs in your home? If so, you would definitely be able to make their lives much easier with stair lifts installed along the staircases of your home. Not only would you be doing them a huge favor, but you would also be able to rest a little easier because you know your loved one is no longer in danger of falling and hurting themselves.

As mentioned before, stair or chair lifts are a huge benefit for those individuals who have trouble walking up and down stairways. This could be due to a number of reasons including arthritis, sports injuries, long term medical conditions resulting in reduced mobility, or other conditions that simply make it much more difficult to navigate those flights of steps located in the home.

These types of lifts are especially beneficial in the homes of elderly individuals that would not otherwise be able to help themselves if they were to fall down a flight of stairs. By installing this type of equipment, you are essentially eliminating the risk of having this type of accident happen. The elderly generally tend see a decrease in mobility as their age increases so having stair lifts installed makes it easier for them to move about the house with ease.

So how do stair lifts work you ask? It's really a very simple concept to understand. The chair is mounted onto a motorized belt or gear system that pulls the chair up and down the staircase along the wall. The belt system, or gear system depending on which type you buy, is mounted on the wall and runs up and down the entire staircase much like the hand rail that you see installed in any stairwell that you've been in.

The chairs that comes with the different types of lifts usually fold up for convenient storage when the system is not in use, and folds down when someone needs to use the lift to get to the top or bottom of the stairs. The system is operated with a toggle switch that indicates the direction which you want to go which can either be up or down.

Chair lifts for stairs can either be powered by battery or they can be wired directly into the home electrical system. One advantage to having the system wired into your home electrical system is that you won't ever have to worry about a battery going dead which would prevent you from being able to move the chair up or down until the battery is recharged. You could really find yourself in a bind if your battery dies in the middle of the stairwell! The chances of this happening, however, are probably pretty slim.

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