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Stair Lift Prices - What Should You Be Paying?

Just like any other purchase that you might make, stair lift prices vary depending on the manufacturer, quality, and options that you choose. Since there are a number of variables that might affect the cost, it is impossible to quote just one price. But, hopefully in the next few paragraphs you will gain a basic understanding of what kind of budget you will need to work with when purchasing a lift.


You must first began with the manufacturer of the product. As with any product, some manufacturers use a higher quality set of materials and have a better reputation which leads to higher costs. There are two manufacturers that tend to be on the higher side - Acorn and Stannah. Both of these companies offer models that range in base price from about $1500 all the way to around $4000 and up. The quality of their lifts are superb.

On the other hand, a company called Summit Stair Lifts is well known for offering affordable lifts with a base price of around $1400. Of course, we cannot use these figures alone as a basis. Each of these companies offer packages with varying prices depending on the options and length of the stair lift that you choose.


Instead of offering one single choice, most suppliers offer their customers several different models and options. For instance, you may be able to upgrade a standard vinyl seat to one that has a soft plush covering for about $200 more. You may also be able to add a grocery basket to the seat for around $150 more. Many suppliers allow you to upgrade to a remote controlled lift system or one that is locked with a key for about $250.

There are also often options to include a heavy materials rack or a goods rack. This option will allow you to turn your stair lift into a merchandise lift that will help you carry heavy materials such as furniture up a flight of stairs easily. Including this option often raises the price by about $300. All of these options are very worthwhile and benefit the user tremendously.


Many distributors give you options when it comes to installation. You may be able to install a lift by yourself for free. You will need to have the appropriate tools and follow the step by step instructions.

However, if you do not feel comfortable installing it by yourself, you can pay for professional installation. Depending on the company that you use, you may pay anywhere from $300 to $800 for a professional installation. It may cost more if the installation crew has to visit your house an extra time to measure your staircase.

The type of a staircase is also a factor that affects both the cost of the chair lift and the installation. Concrete and tile staircases make installation a bit more difficult, so installing on such staircases may raise the installation cost by about $300.

Track Length

Since more materials are needed to create a longer track, the track length can affect the cost greatly. For instance, a 15 foot stair lift may be the standard length for the company that you are working with. The standard length is often what comes with the base price. To increase the length to around 20 feet, it may cost $150 to $200 more. To go even further to 25 feet, the cost would increase by another $150 or more.

You should also take into consideration whether the track will be straight or curved. Curved track is much more expensive - sometimes costing almost twice as much. This is because more accurate measurements and different materials are needed to create a curved track.

As a general estimate, most residents that install a straight stair lift in their home end up spending a total of around $2500. Of course, this figure will change greatly depending on the variables that you choose.

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