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Shower Chair - Tips And Information

Anyone with mobility issues can benefit from the use of a shower chair. These chairs make the showering and bathing process much easier, and create a safe environment. There are many other shower chair mobility aids as well, which can be helpful with the bathing process. However, first it is worthwhile to be aware of potential bathroom hazards, in addition to understanding the benefits of shower aids, what kinds are available, how easy they are to use, and so on.

Potential Shower Hazards

There are many potential hazards and dangerous situations surrounding the bathroom, especially for people who have problems with mobility. Injuries occur frequently in the shower, and they can be quite dangerous, not to mention painful. People slip while they are trying to get in or out of the bathtub; they can slip and fall in the shower as well. These types of falls can result in sprains or even broken bones, some of which can lead to permanent and debilitating disabilities. The use of a shower chair and additional aids reduces the risks of these happenings.

Benefits of Shower Aids

In addition to providing a safe environment in which to bathe, shower aids offer many other benefits as well. Mobility becomes easier without them, leading to a more pronounced feeling of independence. By reducing the risk of accidents, the addition of shower aids, whether it is a shower chair or another bathroom aid, can make bathing and showering a more enjoyable and relaxing experience. A person with mobility issues does not need to worry as much about slipping or falling, and can be more independent, since he or she will not necessarily require as much help.

Types of Mobility Aids Available

Shower chairs are only one example of the kinds of mobility aids available for bathroom use. Most bathroom mobility aids center around giving the user something onto which they can hold. For example, shower rails, toilet railings, and basin railings are extremely popular choices, because a person with mobility problems will always have something he or she can grip. A safer floor in the bathroom is also important, and can be addressed with proper bathroom mats, some of which are known as “shower flowers”.

Ease of Installation

It is incredibly easy to install shower chairs, or any of the other mobility aids described. Typically the directions are easy to follow and in the case of chairs and railings, it is merely a case of securely screwing the proper pieces into the walls. Matting and tub mats are also simple to put down, all that is required is to know which spots are the most prone to becoming slippy. Benches for the shower can also be installed quite easily, and can provide additional support.

When Mobility Aids are Useful

Many people could benefit from a shower chair or other bathroom based mobility aids. For example, individuals who have a broken bone or a bad sprain may need to use shower aids on a temporary basis. Anyone who is in any way infirm, whether due to illness or age, can make use of these aids in the bathroom. Typically they are easily removed as well, so once they are no longer needed, they can be removed simply and effortlessly from the bathroom. At the same time, however, returning them to the bathroom when necessary is no problem whatsoever.

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