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Rise And Recline Chairs To Improve Your Life

There are thousands of different products aimed at helping those with mobility issues. However, rise and recline chairs may be the most helpful of all. If you have noticed that you are beginning to have trouble getting out of your favorite recliner, perhaps one of these chairs could help you. They are specially designed to give you an extra lift when you are rising to a standing position.

A rise and recline chair uses a built-in motor or gear system to actually raise and lean the chair forward and safely lift you to a standing position. These chairs are a great help for anyone who has arthritis or any kind of knee or hip problems. For the most part, they are meant to be used by elderly people, but can also be of great help to someone who has suffered a lower body injury.

The best part about these chairs is that they are multi-functional. Besides the ability to help you come to a standing position, many models also work as comfortable reclining chairs. The best part is that the reclining process is also controlled by a motor, so the chairs are incredibly easy to use.

Some models actually have two independent motors, one for the foot rest and one for the back-rest. These types of chairs are often able to move into almost an infinite amount of positions - from completely flat to raised up.

Even with the help of the rising chair, sometimes users just don't feel like getting out of their favorite recliner when nighttime hits. This is why many users choose to purchase a chair that can lay completely flat. This way, they will be comfortable if they choose to sleep in the chair overnight. Some manufacturers even include a removable mattress that can be laid on top of the chair to make it even more comfortable for overnight stays.

If you are a bit worried by the idea of a motorized chair lifting to a standing position, don't be. These chairs are backed by years of research and development - they lift the user slowly and smoothly. You will not be pushed out of the chair with a jerking motion, so you do not have to worry about falling over. Plus, the motor in the chair can also help you sit down.

Many people like to bring the chair to its raised position before sitting. This way, there is less movement involved with the entire process. If you have trouble sitting or standing, you will appreciate the fact that less movement equals less work for you.

Using a rise and recline chair can dramatically improve your life. You will once again be able to use your favorite recliner at your own leisure without bothering other people for help. It will give you the freedom to sit and stand as you please which will make life easier in many ways.

There are many manufacturers of rising chairs in the United States and in the UK, so make sure that you do some research to choose the manufacturer and model that fit your needs and budget. It will definitely become your favorite chair in no time.

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