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Residential Stair Lift - Which Type Is Right For You 

Being able to get up and down the stairs is what a residential stair lift can help you with. But the question is...which type of lift is right for you and your needs? This is the critical first step in the process to making any final choice before purchasing.

When it comes to selecting the type of chair lift for your stairway you have two basic choices. A system that operates vertically...sort of like an elevator and one that operates on the actual stairway. The track is set up to follow the exact curves of your stairway (if you have a curved stairway). These are also known as curved stairway lifts.

That said, here's a closer look at each of these options.

Inclined Wheelchair Stair Lift

This is the more common lift of the two and it's the one that follows the path of your stairway up and down. There is a track that is permanently mounted that follows the staircase. The most important key to knowing if this will work well for you is how wide your staircase is. If it is too narrow, this option will not work well unless your home has the space to be able to construct a wider staircase.

Next, if you do have a wide enough stairway, do you have enough structural support? By that I mean are your walls built strong enough to support the weight of not only the chair lift, but the wheelchair and person? Combined, this can add to quite a lot of weight for an older home's support structure.

Vertical Wheelchair Stair Lift

Your other option is to go with a vertical chair lift that is similar in design to an elevator. The wheelchair is wheeled into the lift and taken to the upstairs. The most important key to knowing if this system is right for you is in whether or not you have the space...and budget.

Having the access space necessary to install this type of system can be difficult to achieve with most homes. Now if you have a larger home this may not be a problem at all. The other point to consider is the cost. A chair lift such as this can be expensive to install and out of reach for many unfortunately.

One of the best things you will want to do, regardless of which option you feel is best right now, is to get an expert opinion. Have someone come out to your home that specializes in residential stair lifts to take a look at your home and help you make the best decision possible. They may very well be able to show you different options that you had not thought of. Buying a wheelchair stair lift is not something you want to do without consulting with a company rep first.

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