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Outdoor Stair Lifts - What Are They All About?

If you or someone that you know has some trouble with mobility, then there is a good chance that they have thought about placing a stair lift inside their home However, problems with mobility do not end when you step out of your house. That is why outdoor stair lifts are incredibly helpful. They are specially constructed to withstand extreme heat and cold, and they can even continue working after a heavy rain.

Outdoor stair lifts are meant to be placed on stairways and other inclines outside. For instance, many homes have several steps leading up to a porch. An outdoor chair lift could be placed on the steps to help ease mobility issues. They can be a great aid to elderly residents or anyone else who needs some help getting up a few steps.

How Do They Differ From Indoor Stair Lifts?

The basic difference between indoor and outdoor lifts is the materials used in construction. While many components of stair lifts are often aluminum or steel, outdoor lifts use an aluminum that is coated with a special oil or zinc plating that helps them resist the elements.

Outdoor lifts also employ heavy duty plastic to a much greater extent. The plastic that is used is extremely resistant to high temperatures and UV rays that the lift will be constantly exposed to, so it helps to keep it looking like new for years to come.

Plastic is often used to cover electrical components of the lift itself. This is necessary for weather proofing - when it rains or snows, all electrical equipment will remain dry under its covering. Outdoor lifts also make use of vinyl coverings that can be used to cover the seat and motor during winter months or even during the fall to keep these components clean and dry.

Where Can They Be Used?

The most common placement for outdoor lifts is on a stairway leading up to a front door. However, they are often also used on garden steps or any inclines that lead to a backyard or an area outside. A lift can be used in a workshop or a garage that is not within a weatherproof building.

Proximity to a power source is usually not a problem as extension cords can be placed for permanent use. Lifts are also run on rechargeable batteries that can last through many uses.

Not only can they be used in residential homes, but they are often utilized in commercial areas. For instance, restaurants and other businesses may have outdoor stair lifts in place for customers as well as employees. It does not matter if it is an entire flight of stairs or just a few steps leading to a door, these machines offer a great deal of aid.

They are run just as an indoor stair lift would be - there is a main power switch that must be turned on before operation. Then, after the user sits in the seat, they operate the lift by using buttons attached to the armrest.

Also, just like indoor lifts, there are several different makes and models you can choose from. Not only are their outdoor lifts with a seat for the user to sit on, but there are also models meant to lift wheelchairs or items like heavy boxes.

There are a number of distributors across the country that carry lifts specially designed for outdoor use. Depending on the manufacturer, you may choose to install the lift yourself or you may hire a professional team to do it for you. Either way, these machines can greatly improve your life.

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