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All About Lifting Chairs

Lifting chairs are specially designed reclining seats that have a powered lifting mechanism that raises and tilts the entire chair to help the user easily move into a standing position. There are a number of different varieties, as well as several power lift chair manufacturers. They are often used by elderly individuals, but can also greatly improve the life of handicapped, injured or otherwise disabled individuals.

After lounging in a seat for a period of time, someone with weak joints, weak muscles, or a leg or back injury will need a bit of help to move from a sitting position to standing. When another person is in the room to help, this process is pretty simple. But, when a person is alone they may need the extra power of a lifting chair to stand up.

The chairs themselves move slowly and safely to bring a person to a standing position. They do not make jerking motions that might cause pain, or allow the user to fall.

The options that you might purchase on your lifting chair run the gamut as much as regular recliners. Basic models can cost around $200 - which will give you two positions, normal and slightly reclined. Chairs with these two positions are aptly named 2-position lift chairs.

More advanced models begin at around $400 and give you three positions - normal, slightly reclined, and fully reclined. These chairs are referred to as 3-position lift chairs.

There is a final type that gives you an unlimited number of positions because the joints that move the back and the legs are independent of one another. These are referred to as infinite position chairs. All three types offer the ability to lift to a standing position.

Some manufacturers produce chairs that are designed to be slept in. Besides the ability to help the user stand, these lift chairs will often be sold with an accompanying removable mattress that can be used when the user would rather sleep in their lifting chair for comfort or health reasons. There are also some models that recline in such a way that positions the feet of the user higher than their heart.

You should be able to find a lifting the chair that will fit within your budget. The price will vary just as it does with other recliners. There are some lifting chairs with leather upholstery that are more expensive.

Still, there are others that offer heat and massage, or other features such as cup holders and magazine holders. Any of these features will raise the price, but they can also add a great deal more comfort and convenience as well.

These chairs offer two basic options as far as power. Generally, most power lift chairs are powered through a wall outlet. This means that they must be placed in an area that allows the cord to reach a plug. However, there are other models that are powered by a rechargeable battery. This extra battery feature will increase the cost.

For anyone that suffers from hip, knee, or joint pain, a power lift chair can be a lifesaver. It will allow an elderly or disabled person to move about their house instead of spending all day in their chair in front of a television.

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