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Harmar Access Stairway Lift SL350 Series Review

Although most chair lifts for stairs connect directly to the wall of the stairway, the Harmar Access Stairway Lift SL350 connects to the stairs themselves. Here's a look at how it actually works.

Having mobility to get up and down the stairs in your home is without a doubt one of the most things in life. To do this with ease you'll want to add a chair lift on your stairway. It's not as expensive or space grabbing as installing an elevator and it isn't a major remodel to get it installed.

The Harmar Stairway Lift is not as expensive as many other models, yet it provides the same end you access to get upstairs in your home. There are actually two different models from Harmar; one is this SL350 and the other is the heavier SL500. What this means in simple terms is that the SL350 is rated for a 350 pound weight capacity, while the SL500 is a 500 pound weight capacity.

Since this chair staircase lift installs on the steps and not the wall, it will not require any major home renovation to the walls. The unit itself runs on standard 115 volt electrical current from your home. It's designed to run smoothly when starting and stopping, which is a big issue in these types of lifts.

The track the chair runs on is made from aluminum, making it much lighter weight than steel. The lengths can be custom fit for your particular staircase as well. The lift itself will stop automatically at the top and bottom of the stairs.

Harmar Stairway Lift SL350

The chair will rotate up to 90 degrees both at the top and bottom of the landing, and the seat, as well as the footrest, folds to make better use of the space. The controls for this stairway lift have the option of either being mounted on either side of the armrest on the seat. In addition, there's also a separate control at the top and bottom of the stairs to make things really convenient.

A 3 year warranty comes standard on the components, and a 5 year warranty on the power train of the lift. Overall, this Harman chair lift is worth checking into for those who are budget minded or looking for a unit that attaches to the steps instead of the walls.

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